Artist Statement

Fall 2018

All of my current paintings are done in oil on small canvases. That is because I decided to try something new, and paint outdoors all summer.

The first thing I learned about painting outdoors, is that everything is moving and changing, fast! Capture the clouds and leave them where they are at that moment. Don’t chase the light. In one day, all of the shadows and colors become the opposite of what they were.

The second thing I learned this summer, is that I truly enjoy immersing myself in the details of a multi-dimensional world, while experiencing the variable sounds, weather, smells and other living beings, especially the wildlife that relaxes while I am quiet and still, focused, just picking out bits of color with my paintbrush to place on the canvas, like a puzzle.

Late afternoons, ending with the golden light of early evening are my favorite time to paint outdoors, especially from a shady spot on the North Santiam River, while wearing a good hat. Listening to music, drinking warm beverages, taking my time on large canvases in my warm studio will take the place of this summer’s exciting “en plein aire” adventures now that the weather has turned, which surprisingly, I am looking forward to.


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